Quantum Alignment Technique

About QAT

QAT is a method of removing the charge of trauma from tissues and also is a way of connecting tissues to the sensory-motor cortex. The motor cortex is an area within the cerebral cortex of the brain that is involved in the planning, control, and execution of voluntary movements. I will be using quantum field-infused devices to do those actions. Lasers are used to imprint quantum field information into a piece of copper which is enclosed in a vinyl jacket. This all sounds wildly esoteric, but it is not. It is high level science. There are very dramatic real-time changes when these devices are used appropriately. This process was developed by a Canadian doctor working with 2 Russian physicists.

When treating my clients with NRT, I alert the sensory-motor cortex that there is a problem with the degree of tonus in the tissue. NRT quickly and effectively restores the proper amount of tonus in the target tissue. Pain disappears. QAT will not do that type of change. What it will do that NRT does not do, is restores the neurological activation reflex to the muscles or other tissues. After I do an NRT session and perform applied kinesiology style of muscle testing on the treated muscles, you will find that many of them do not have that reflex. QAT will restore that reflex. Click on the video links listed below to see that in action. It has been quite rewarding when working with post-stroke clients or top-level athletes to get their muscles to fire more optimally and instantaneously become stronger. QAT is being used in the equine world with great results. The golf-related videos on that channel are not the same system as QAT. With QAT, I have a method of checking for any trauma to a tissue and removing it. You will be shocked just how many tissues in clients are malfunctioning due to the effects of trauma.

QAT can get your tissues on the right and left sides of the body to work together as a team as it should be able to. For example, you will find that people with SI joint issues will have the right and left SI joints not working together. Their inguinal ligaments will not be working together. With QAT, I can also balance the lobes of the brain. In a case study in the US with Lawrence he treated a young woman who had suffered from two or three seizures each and every day for the past four years, even though she was on two medications for that condition. Since treating her with QAT, she has not had one seizure over the past six weeks.

QAT is used to balance the acupuncture meridians. Twenty-four acupuncture points are used to test and balance the 12 meridians. This balancing can serve to improve organ function as well as restore muscle function.
There is an emotional process possible with QAT. Clients report that it can be pretty profound.
QAT can be used for self-treatment, which is impossible with NRT.