Upper Body

NRT Workshop

NRT Upper Body

Vaartweg 92, 1401 RD Bussum, Netherlands
8.30 am – 6.30 pm

History of NRT and the advantages of this amazing new and easy to learn therapy

Reciprocal Inhibition and the Law of Symmetry explained

Mechanoreceptors explained


Refining your palpation skills

How and when to apply NRT

Zones in the body explained according to the principles of NRT

Muscles explained from mid back (T12) to the jaw including all the appropriate resets

Suitable for

Therapists who are already treating clients

Everyone who would like to make a career switch

Therapists who would like to combine their skills with NRT

Level of education

Bachelor Degree or FE (in the UK)

In the Netherlands it would be MBO or HBO. But what we find much more important is to be very motivated, willingness to learn and to practice a lot with your friends and family or clients. You will see a huge improvement in yourself and your clients will be very happy to come and see you!

Therapeutic education

This therapy is mainly focused on solving pain in muscles, tendons, and ligaments, caused by injury, muscle strains, and repetitive work, and all other movement and work-related muscle issues. Think about the so often wrongly diagnosed issues at the doctor such as:

– frozen shoulders (the pain could be caused by the subscapularis)
– carpal tunnel syndrome (the pain could come from the neck)
– arthritis (the stiffness could be from stiff muscles in the fingers)
– piriformis syndrome (the pain could come from the Gluteus Minimus muscles)
– stiff jaw joints (TMJ) (this can come from the untreated jaw and pterygoid muscles)

Imagine if you were able to help clients who live with this for weeks, months, or years. Of course, we would never imply that NRT is a substitute for a doctor’s visit or that you can stop medication. However so often I have treated clients with these symptoms and was able to give them a lot of relief. Always consult a doctor before single-handedly changing their advice without their knowledge!


Please wear thin clothing, no jeans, no thick sweaters and no very loose hanging clothing.
Bring socks
And a large dosis of Enthusiasm!


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Day 1

The first three hours are theoretical knowledge/awareness
Thereafter you will start to learn the resets for the rest of the day, lots of hands-on experience!

Day 2

We will repeat the resets from the day before and continue the remaining resets until the end of the day.
In order to see if you have understood what you have learned there is a ‘test’ hour without exams.
One person will be the therapist and the other person on the table will be your clients. We will repeat all resets one after the other, completely guided by the trainer and supported by the assistants. A great way to see how much you actually already know!